A local transportation company wants to know why bus passengers and drivers don’t have access to an intermodel center, especially during the cold winter months.    

All Aboard Erie said that passengers and drivers of Greyhound are not able to access the facilities of the station, but the owner of the building said the issue remains with Greyhound.

Earlier this year in May, the Greyhound station of the Erie Intermodal Transportation Center locked its doors and opted not to staff the window, according to Jeremy Peterson, the CEO of EMTA and owner of the property.

As a result, the building remains locked.

“There was a lack of communication between Greyhound and us in regards to what their future plans were as far as staffing,” Jeremy Peterson, CEO, EMTA.

Peterson said Greyhound converted to an “e-location”. He added that this apparently means an employee of Greyhound does not serve the location.

The interim executive director of All Aboard Erie said with the doors remaining locked, drivers and passengers of Greyhound are left outside.

“They’re stuck coming from another city after they’ve been on the bus for probably two hours with nowhere to come in, no bathroom to use and no snacks to buy. I just think that’s wrong,” Julie Minich, interim executive director, All Aboard Erie.

The interim executive director told us solutions that she would like to see take place.

“It is to get the intermodal center unlocked. I’ve talked to EMTA officials who are kind and loving and want to provide the best service for their customers although they say…it’s Greyhound’s issue,” Minich added.

Peterson said he would like to provide a solution but the issue remains with Greyhound.

“As a tenant who’s in current good standing, as far as paying their lease and their rent, they have every right to lock the building; however, we don’t want to be a hindrance to a problem. We hope that we can help create a resolve to this issue,” said Peterson.

We reached out to Greyhound for comment but have yet to receive a response.