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With the Taliban taking over Afghanistan and American troops still on schedule to return to the United States by August 31st, we spoke to veterans to hear their thoughts on what has been happening.

We spoke to veterans in Erie on their thoughts from the chaos in Kabul and what outcome they hope to see happen for those troops.

Taking perspective from those who have once served, some veterans said that it was worth the fight for as far as we accomplished in Afghanistan, but not to see an ending like this after fighting in a war for almost 20 years.

“We took over and then we left and the people that are there are still going to be in charge and you can’t fight a gorilla war, you can’t you have to be like them or don’t go out there at all,” said Doyle Tom, Veteran.

With people trying to flee Kabul to find safety, it reminds one veteran of Vietnam.

“I don’t know why they would let it go this far because people are going to die. We did the same thing in Vietnam with people going on helicopters. They are flying helicopters on the ship over the side and everything else just trying to get away,” said Eugene Myers, Veteran.

It is President Biden’s mission to have all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by August 31st. Some veterans are saying that it is too fast and too soon.

“One guy saying okay we are going to pull the troops out. If you are going to pull them out, pull them out slow but don’t go get them all out of there and leave everything there because they did not really have the infrastructure they need to carry on,” said Myers.

During Monday’s press conference, President Biden stated that we focus on the threats we face today in 2021 and not yesterday’s threats.

However, this veteran wants to continue the fight.

“I would have liked to seen them get more aggressive and take the Taliban out,” said Ollie Madrigale, Veteran.

If the plan goes past August 31st here are the next steps for evacuation.

According to the assistant secretary of defense for public affairs during today’s Pentagon press conference, he said that it is too difficult to speculate and wouldn’t want to get ahead of decisions that haven’t been made yet.

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