Local veterinarian fosters 124th cat, this one rescued from the sewer

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An animal facing a near-death experience gets a second chance.

Students at Mercyhurst University found a cat stuck in a sewer grate.  Rescuing the cat was a team effort among the students, the Erie Police Department, and the Erie Fire Department.  Students are calling the cat ‘Briggs’.  

Briggs is now recovering at the Wintergreen Animal Hospital.  Veterinarian Dr. Amanda Jones says, “We’re stabilizing her right now so she’s on IV fluids, pain control, antibiotics… We sedated her today to clean up her wounds and assess the damage. Going forward, we’re gonna give her some time. Sometimes, mother nature is the best at these things.”  Jones says after just a few hours Briggs began eating again. 

Together, Jones and her husband have fostered 124 kittens and cats over the years.

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