Local woman breaks record for number of Burpees completed in 24 hours

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One local women will be putting her name in the record books.

25-year old Mercyhurst University graduate Toni Kramer set the record for most Burpees in 24 hours by a female.

She accomplished nearly 6,000. The previous record is 5,555.

Toni started at 5:36 a.m. August 1st and did her last Burpee at 3:47 a.m. August 2nd.

A Burpee is a push up followed by a leap in the air. Toni says she credits her inspiration to retired Navy Seal David Goggins.

“He has done a ton of work to fundraiser families that maybe a spouse or a loved one does not come home, that type of thing and he did it through ultra marathons and he started out as not a healthy individual, but his motto was ‘Do something that makes you uncomfortable every day.'” Kramer said.

Toni said she wanted to see how she would do in a tough situation.

“Everyone was like ‘Why are you doing this, what is the point?’ and I am like ‘Well, why not?’ To truly find out what you are capable of, and to truly know yourself. I think you have to put yourself in those situations where it’s kind of like you and yourself in the pain cave, then that is when you find out who you really are.” Kramer said.

Kramer said she started at a fast pace. She was hoping to be done in 12 to 17 hours. After a few hours, fatigue set in. She slowed down by taking more breaks. Her neck was getting tight and her knees started to hurt from hitting the ground so much.

You have to submit evidence of your achievement. Kramer had a camera to her side and one in the front that were recording her.

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