Local woman overcomes drug addiction and now is in ‘Inked Magazine’ contest and has her own business

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An Erie mom and businesswoman is using body art to tell the story of how she’s persevered. 

Mishol Randolph is the mother of a 12-year-old and a 4-year-old.  She affectionately refers to her two girls as ‘toddzilla’ and ‘tweenzilla’.  It was at 12-years-old that Randolph got her first tattoo; that same year she also started using drugs. 

Fast forward after serving time in jail and having her daughters taken away; now she’s been clean for more than eight years, she’s been reunited with her kids, and now she has a couple of new addictions; success and tattoos.

Her tattoos tell a story with Lady Liberty holding the opium poppy, symbolizing her freedom from addiction.  There’s a clock indicating lost time.  And now, tattoos like this are propelling her with her online store, ‘Momzilla’s Unique Boutique’. 

“I mean I can’t even distinguish what’s harder. Being an entrepreneur and being a single mom, or just being a single mom. And them only having me. You see, I’ve got to realize at the end of the day. They’re depending on me.”

That love for her daughters and passion for art is now resulting in Randolph taking part in Inked Magazine’s cover girl contest.  She tells us, “And now, it’s like I’m in it to win it. I’m proud. I’m of the tattoo. If you go on and read about the tattoo, it really means a lot.”

You can meet Randolph at the expo called ‘HER’ at the Bayfront Convention Center this weekend.  

To learn more about her story or to vote for her in the ‘Inked Magazine Cover Girl Contest’. 

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