Local woman speaks about her second battle with breast cancer

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With October being breast cancer awareness month, Samiar Nefzi was able to speak with one woman about her fight.

Trisha Thomas is a mother and grandmother. She is currently fighting breast cancer for the second time. She said the key to fighting cancer is having a strong support system.

In 2005, Millcreek resident Trisha Thomas received news no one ever wants to hear. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thomas said she actively performed self-checks on herself, as well as received mammograms.

“A lump appeared after my last mammogram, shortly after, and I didn’t go back,” said Trisha Thomas, Breast Cancer patient.

Thomas said it was hard to get the life changing news. She had surgery, as well as reconstructive surgery done.

Flash forward 10 years to 2015 and it was like Déjà vu. Thomas had been re-diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer. She added the second diagnosis was harder than the first.

“You think it’s all behind you and it’s not,” said Thomas.

As for now, Thomas said she is feeling great. “They’ve improved. They give you so many medications to combat the problems that were so prevalent before, and I’ve had very little issues,” said Thomas.

According to Robert Kamenski of UPMC Hamot, women should self-check monthly.

“The breast can change with the patients menstrual cycle, so if they do it the same time of the month, they will have a base line feel of what is normal for their breasts,” said Robert Kamenski, Radiology, UPMC Hamot.

When looking into the future, Thomas said she and her family are still remaining positive.

“I believe I have a good future ahead of me. I’m going to get to see my grand kids grow up and I think I’ll do really well. I’m feeling good and there is a good prognosis, I’m counting on it,” said Thomas.

Thomas said her advice for others would be to get a support team and make sure to follow your doctors instructions.

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