Local women organizations react to Supreme Court ruling about abortion info

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A recent Supreme Court ruling says anti-abortion “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” do not have to provide women with information about where to get abortions.

“We’re here to provide services for them, not abortion referrals and not abortions,” said Brenda Newport, Executive Director of Women’s Care Center of Erie County. Newport says she supports the recent Supreme Court ruling. “It made no sense to have a pregnancy center post abortion services and how to gain those services in 13 different languages in your waiting room,” said Newport. “That’s absurd.” The ruling came from a court case brought by two “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” against the state of California about free speech. 

While some local women organizations support the Supreme Court ruling, others have a different opinion on it. Susan Woodland from the local chapter of the National Organization for Women says this ruling allows for certain anti-abortion pregnancy centers to be deceptive. “Women often go in assuming that they’re going to be given the full range of information about their legal options and in fact that’s not the case,” said Woodland.  Woodland added that she has heard of many examples of deceptive pregnancy centers. “I’ve seen interviews done perfectly blatant with people who work there saying yeah we want women to think that they’re going to get all their options to think we refer abortions,” said Woodland. “Because once they walk in there, then they can be talked out of having an abortion.” Meanwhile, both women say their organizations have the same overall goal of helping women. 

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