A local business is building out its brand with an expansion of its business.

Thursday, Lake Erie Woodworking held a ribbon cutting and open house to let the public get an up close look at their workplace and their goods.

The business, located at 1113 Walnut St., specializes in custom furniture as well as cabinetry and architectural mill working.

The owner said he used to share the space, but has now expanded out as the sole proprietor and wants people to know he’s part of the Erie Community.

“So, we do a lot here to involve the community, because owning a business, I mean I might be the owner, but it’s not a solitary thing, there’s a lot of people who have helped get us to this point,” said Armando Reyes, owner of Lake Erie Woodworking.

Reyes said he has one full time employee and also wants folks to know he offers woodworking classes on a monthly basis during the fall and winter. If your interested, you can find a link to their website here.