Locally owned UPS is working through the holiday rush

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Not all of Santa’s helpers wear red fuzzy hats, or maybe in this case they do.

This UPS location on West 38th Street is where the real holiday magic happens. 

“I have two, three different generations using the store now. People that I’ve met 15 years ago, down to their kids, even some of their grandkids right now,” said Chris Fanzini, the owner.

Chris Fanzini is on his 15th year running this shop.

For he and his son Chris, getting gifts delivered in time for the holidays is a family tradition.

They said it’s nice to lean on each other through a busy December, often times putting in ten hour days all season long.

“It’s our time to work hard and make sure everything gets done so it’s best to be here and make sure everything goes smooth,” said Chris Fanzini, the manager.

The cheapest, guaranteed way to get your packages shipped by Christmas, is turning them into UPS stores like this one by December 18th.

“Christmas is the 25th every year, you know. So the longer you wait, the more expensive it’s gonna be,” said Fanzini, the owner.

The Fanzini family actually looks forward to the holiday rush.

Spreading Christmas cheer and in some ways pulling off mini Christmas miracles, comes down to a hard day’s work.    

The father and son are even providing options to some of those last minute shoppers. 

“We do different types of calendars. You give us some pictures, we can make a calendar. We can do those really quick so you have plenty of time to still get those done before Christmas,” said Fanzini, the manager.

Through all the hustle and bustle of the season, these messengers are making sure those important packages make it home for the holidays. 

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