Locals comment on Netflix Pizza Bomber series, ‘Evil Genius,’ airing today

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The bizarre case of the Erie Pizza Bomber is once again in the spotlight with today’s release of a four-part Netflix documentary.

Most people are familiar with the case, but now Netflix is giving an in-depth look through their documentary series, ‘Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist’.  And, as of Friday, it’s available for download and streaming. 

JET 24 Action News’ own Scott Bremner says, “The name of the documentary, for instance, is called ‘Evil Genius’. Drawing the line is what is evil and what is mental illness, because Marjorie Diehl was clearly mentally ill.”

Nearly 15 years after the disturbing and bizarre events led to the death of Pizza Delivery Man Brian Wells, the documentary talks to people who closely followed the case and the aftermath, including Bremner.

“The situation evolved over time. When you’re first there, it’s a crime scene like a lot of crime scenes. You don’t realize the fullness of what it was you were walking into.”

On that August day in 2003, the details of the bank robbery slowly became known.  “While we knew it was a unique case from the very beginning, it wasn’t until we really got into some of the details that we realized that this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime career event for both law enforcement and for journalists.”

For former FBI Agent Jerry Clark, the Lead Investigator, it became a career-defining case.  “It turned out to be one of the most unique cases in FBI criminal history, certainly in bank robbery history. It just had so many twists and turns to it, and it was complex and multiple agencies.”

A complex story that the series is attempting to tell.

Bremner says she was a “Very smart woman. Genius, I’ll take. Genius is a matter of some debate.”

The four-part series is now available on Netflix.  Many of the scenes in the documentary were provided to the filmmakers by JET 24.

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