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Your Weather Authority says halfway through October, we are on-track to have one of the top 10 warmest Octobers in the region, but even though it’s not sticking around too much longer, outdoor businesses are seeing a boom. 

Rusty Tracey, the Owner of Crab Apple Ridge Golf Course tells us two years ago on this date, four inches of snow covered his course.  But, today… nothing but sunshine.  “20 some cars in my parking lot. Two years ago I wouldn’t have had any. So it helps.”

More people are hitting the links daily during this top 10 October.  “We probably have twice as many golfers as we normally would. Typically, we’re only like a week away from closing for the season and we haven’t even thought about it yet.”

The unseasonably warm weather has made playing at Port Farms much more enjoyable for kids, even in the corn.  Owner Kelly Port tells us, “it has just been incredible.  Usually, we’re in long johns by now, gloves, hats, a lot of coats are being left behind on school tours and family visits”.

An October Port says she’s never seen anything like. “They’re willing to stay for hours as opposed to when it’s cold and chilly out, they’ll have their hot chocolate, they’ll go have some fun and then they usually leave within an hour or two. Now, they’re able to stay and actually, really get the whole impact of the farm. So, it’s about a 4-5 hour visit.”

Now, we all know it’s Erie and this warm weather won’t be around forever like we all wish.  Will the sunny weather last?  Check out our weather page to find out.

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