Locals tired of continuing snowfall in the region

Local News

The snow outside sets another record and it’s reminding us that winter is not over yet. 

Locals have expressed that they are tired of the continuing snowfall. Kerry Strait lives in Fairview and she says, “I’m ready for it to be over.” As more snow is expected this week, Strait says she is preparing for the worst.

On the other hand, Derrick Mccall makes the best of the snow fall. He takes his plow out and racks up some cash. Mccall says, “I like it because I can make money doing it.” And while Mccall is plowing the snow, Jorge, from Erie is walking in it. 

Jorge says, “I bundle up because there’s nothing I can do about the snow.” As the snow keeps falling, some people may like it and others don’t but it’s here for now.

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