Lock closing estimate seems a little fishy…

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The Attorneys General from three states, including Pennsylvania, are saying that the best way to keep the invasive Asian carp out of the Great Lakes is by simply closing the door. 

The fear is that the large and aggressive fish would eat much of the food supply currently supporting native species.  The Army Corps of Engineers is proposing a series of systems to keep the carp out that could cost more than $275 million.  In the formal letter to the corps, the Attorneys General from Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Michigan say closing the Brandon Road Lock and Dam in Illinois would do the same job for about $6 million.

AG Josh Shapiro tells us, “We objected because there’s a far more effective, far more affordable solution. The Corps could simply shut down a major lock right now and that will keep those Asian carp from ever getting into the Great Lakes”.

Asian carp have been found within ten miles of Great Lakes water.

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