Good news for surfers who enjoy hitting the waves at Presque Isle.

Park officials announced they have revised their surfing policy to include surfing at all beaches on the lake side of the park year-round. This went into effect September 5, 2023.

The previous rules stated you could only surf on Beach 1, Beach 10 and out at North Pier. Park officials said visitors have been asking for years to change the surfing policy.

“Definitely there are more people coming out here now surfing, it seems like there is somebody out here with a new board out here every week. More and more people are into that,” said Matt Greene, Presque Isle State Park operations manager.

Surfing is now permitted at all beaches and on the lake side of the park year-round. However there are a few rules that come with the new policy:

  • Surfboards must be tethered to surfer
  • Surfing is not permitted within swimming guarded zones while swim areas are in operation
    • surfers must keep a 100-foot distance from swimming areas
  • Surfing is not permitted at lakeside beaches around the Gull Point Natural Area during April 1-Oct. 31
  • Surfing is not permitted at any area closed by park management, including areas restricted to swimming

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