Lonnie Ali, Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali’s wife, shows support at DiNicola headquarters

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With less than 24 hours until you begin casting your votes, several candidates are campaigning around the region today. 

Elena LaQuatra spent the morning at the campaign headquarters of the Congressional Candidate for the 16th District, Ron DiNicola.  He says he believes he and his team have run a great campaign and have spoken to the important issues.  He also says that, as a veteran, he understands the need for accountability in Congress.  

DiNicola was joined by Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali’s Wife, Lonnie Ali.  The two have known one another for 30 years, after DiNicola developed a close relationship with Ali as his attorney. 

Lonnie tells us, “What you see with Ron is what you get. He is not one who is afraid to work across the aisle, he will figure that out. And, he will represent this state and this district with honesty and integrity.”

DiNicola adds, “We can do better. We need to get out and vote. That’s the key thing. Whatever your persuasion, I’m welcoming Republicans, Democrats,  Independents to this campaign, to this effort. Because we’re all fighting for the same thing we want a future of opportunity and choices for our kids.”

At this hour, Congressman Mike Kelly is also campaigning for voters to show up at the polls. His first stop today was at the Specialty Care Center in Sharon and right now, he is in Meadville.  And, this afternoon, he’ll be stumping for your votes right here in Erie at Luther Square. 

Also, Republican Nominee for Pennsylvania Governor Scott Wagner is campaigning across the state today.  Wagner will be at McGarrey’s Oakwood cafe on West 38th Street at 1:30 this afternoon. 

It seems like all candidates have one theme today; pushing for people to get out and vote.  Numbers have been extremely low in recent elections and candidates are doing what they can now in the 11th hour in an effort to encourage people to show up to the polls.

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