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Communities across the region are planning on starting business under the governor’s green plan, a decision that could be made for Erie County as early as Friday.

In Corry, work is already underway, which is getting a boost after being drawn for our loving giving local $250 cash award.

The Corry Higher Education Council is a lot of things for a lot of people.

The council is basically focused on adult job training, especially in a rural area like Corry and its surroundings.

The council also works with companies to create the jobs for those newly trained workers, and the loving giving local $250 award will be used to help jump start small business, a vital function as the area opens up from the COVID pandemic.

“We’re looking to apply this to our small business jump start program that was just able to re-launch just recently as of this week, so we’re very excited to be offered this and help our friends in the small business sector,” said Auto Express Owner Joe Askins.

The loving giving local team is proud to award worthwhile charities across the region.

When the higher education council was picked, it gave the program a chance to help support both job creation and job training in the Corry area.

“Corry is just a great community and to be here and be able to give them the funds and learn that the funds will be used to help small businesses in the Corry area I just think it’s great,” said Askins.

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