Lt. Governor John Fetterman will be going on listening tour regarding legalizing marijuana

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Governor Wolf will be joining Fetterman on this listening tour and it is expected to kick off in mid-Feburary.

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman will be traveling around the commonwealth on a listening tour trying to get opinions on legalizing marijuana. “We’re not just going to where support is really, really high, we’re going to places all across Pennsylvania to fully understand where each and every constituent that has an opinion is able to weigh in,” said Fetterman. Fetterman  added that he is committed to visiting every county in the state.

Meanwhile, we caught up with some Erie residents to see what they think about legalizing pot in Pennsylvania.”I haven’t seen any reason why it really hurts people, I mean alcohol causes a lot more deaths than marijuana has, so, we’ve legalized alcohol, so why not, marijuana,” said Emma Werner, Mercyhurst University student. 

One Erie resident that we spoke with says she thinks marijuana could help people who have certain medical concerns. “I work with people that have disabilities and a lot of things that they go through, pain, if they need it, if it has to go through, let it go through,” said Erie resident Phyllis. 

Even State Representative Ryan Bizzarro chimed in on the subject. “As I said before, I’m not a smoker, but I’m a state budget broker and if we can enhance revenue anyway without going into the pockets of the tax payers, this is one way to do it. this would generate a lot of money for Pennsylvanians,” said Representative Bizzarro. 

Bizzarro added that he thinks legalizing pot could also have an impact on reducing opioid-related deaths. Medical marijuana has been legal in Pennsylvania since 2016.

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