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It’s a flag-making, proud to be an American Made in America this week.  We’re off to Metalheads, where American-made metal flags are built to last, and are fully customizable. 

Every flag manufactured at Metalheads is Made in America, Made Right Here.

For Adam Stempka, it’s a dream come true.  He loves art, and after he was laid off from his job, he decided to go into business for himself. 

He started with metal deer heads, but then someone asked him to make a battle-worn American flag and the rest is history. 

“I wanted to bring back that American spirit that I grew up with, that I love. Do something for the vets and people so they can put it on their house; customize it and be proud of their country.”

Once the metal plate is lasered and cut, Stempka puts his talents to work. 

“We prepare them, lay them all out, hand paint each one, air brush, stencil them, roll them…”

And, with these flags, customizing them is no problem.  

“You can put your unit number on it, any saying you want, different ones for military branches… So we find everybody from military background to older people, younger people, police officers, we make so many types of flags.”

And, it’s not hard to see the American pride in these flags. “It is something to see them hanging and to know that’s something we made and made right here in our hometown. They say made in USA, Erie Pa and proud to put that there.”

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