Major changes coming to the Erie Redevelopment Authority

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ERIE, Pa. — Some big changes are coming for the Erie Redevelopment Authority. Leaving city officials hopeful that some major projects in the works will continue.

Two members of the Redevelopment Authority’s six-member team are leaving.

Now, city officials are left wondering what initiatives will actually be implemented moving forward.

Scott Henry, executive director, announced his resignation on Thursday after four years with the authority.

And Aaron Snippert, the authority’s director of housing programs, moved up a few floors in City Hall to become the newest code enforcement officer.

Those changes come as several initiatives to revamp and use vacant lots in the city are underway.

One is the land bank — something Erie City Council just approved the first reading of on Wednesday.

Another, rezoning to allow urban farming on vacant lots to bring tax money back into the city.

City Council is hoping that those two projects along with several others will continue with new leadership.

“There are a lot of neighborhood groups that are becoming very active in specific neighborhoods,” Henry said. “And I think that our best approach is to really work closely with them and make sure what we are doing is the right thing for that particular neighborhood.”

He said they still own between 150 and 160 vacant lots. 

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