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A local art project aims to change the way people view the city.  No Dress Code Studios is giving people an opportunity to actually wear an authentic piece of Erie, but first they need your support.

At first glance, a manhole cover blends in just like all the other markings on the roads, but Roman Glass, Owner of No Dress Code Studios, might change your perspective.  He’s using objects found in public places and turning them into art.  “Putting them on t-shirts and really seeing the beauty of the street and having the street tell a story that we walk by every single day”.

Today, a kickstarter campaign launches to raise money for a new initiative; NDC Street Wear, a project that turns the city of Erie into a story you can wear.  Glass teams up with Mercyhurst’s Quick Starter program, pulling in students from all four local universities.

Mercyhurst Professor Kris Wheaton says that partnership increases the odds for crowd crowdfunding.  “Students get real world skills working on a real project and the creator gets something that they don’t have themselves.” 

And these designs aren’t recreations either. The artist actually lays the shirt on the road to the get the imprint.  “It’s literally endless because what we can do is we can take one basic design and completely modify it to being something completely different,” Glass tells us.  And, that’s why the number of tee shirts depends on how much money they raise through the kickstarter.

Organizers say this project lets people see the city through a new lens.  Wheaton says, “If you like fashion and you like Erie; you oughta be on there. You oughta be backing it. It’s really cool.” 

The kickstarter launch party takes place at 7pm at No Dress Code Studios. 

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