Man accused in two rape cases has charges bound over

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DNA evidence from an October rape case brought a 2015 case back to life.  Now, the suspect charged in both crimes is seeing his day in court. 

The victim in a nearly four-year-old rape testifies in court for the first time.  Rehashing the details of a crime that may have been repeated several years later.  

It was an October 2018 surveillance video that grabbed the attention of the public and investigators; footage police now believe is nearly identical to another kidnapping and rape case that took place in July of 2015. Now, the suspect in both crimes is heading to trial.

Prosecutors say 57-year-old Jerome Keyes abducted an Erie woman, beat her up and forced her to have sex with him; the victim in the 2015 case testifying in court.  She explained Keyes told her he had a gun and demanded she get in his truck then drove her to a parking lot.

The victim telling the judge, “He said nobody’s gonna hear me scream there.” 

The victim said Keyes punched her so many times she passed out. When she woke up and asked him to stop hurting her, she says that’s when Keyes insisted they have sexual intercourse. 

The victim adding “It was a game to him.”

The judge bound over all charges for court.

In this case, Keyes will face trial on numerous charges including rape, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. But, Assistant District Attorney Erin Connelly says the prosecution will ideally try both cases together.

In the 2018 case, Keyes is also accused of forcing a woman into a truck, taking her to a parking lot, then beating and raping her.

In November, all charges were held for court in that case as well. 

Trial for the 2018 case is set for February but prosecutors tell us if the cases are combined, it will likely be pushed back.

Keyes is now in Erie County Prison on $3 million bond. 

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