Man charged with the stabbing death of his girlfriend is heading to trial

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A man accused with the death of his girlfriend maintains his innocence in court.  The judge ruling the case is moving forward to trial.  

The victim, in this case, is clearly someone loved by many.  Dozens of family members and friends came to the hearing today.  One even taking the stand, explaining what she saw the night of the crime. 

24-year-old James Gilbert appearing in court on murder charges for the first time.  Prosecutors say Gilbert stabbed his girlfriend death and then plunged the knife into his chest. 

The victim is identified as 20-year-old Marinda Matasowski.  The stabbing occurred in the 5700 block of Mill Street in Millcreek Township.  The victim’s mother testifying in court Tuesday morning at the preliminary hearing. 

She says Matasowski was on her way to work when she and Gilbert came over to drop off the baby.  That’s when Gilbert asked to speak to Matasowski alone.  

The victim’s mother says she heard a scream coming from downstairs then saw Gilbert stab himself in the chest.  Investigators also testified in court, one explaining the scene of the crime, telling the judge Gilbert was covered in blood and said, “I think I killed her.  She’s in there.  She’s the devil.”

Another expert testified to the weapon allegedly used in the stabbing, saying a 12″ stainless steel knife was found near the victim’s body; that weapon also covered in blood. 

The judge bound over all charges for trial, including criminal homicide, aggravated assault, and recklessly endangering another person.  Still, the defendant is entering a plea of ‘not guilty’.

Although this is the first time Gilbert is appearing in court on homicide charges, it’s not his first time in court on charges in connection to this same victim.

Within the last few months, he’s also been in court for harassment.  The victim’s mother says there was a history of abuse.  

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