Man heads to court, accused of starving one dog to death and another to near-death

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A local animal shelter is giving an abused dog a second chance.  Gunner was dropped off at the Humane Society on December 20th weighing only 26 pounds.  That’s when the shelter’s cruelty officers went to the home residence and uncovered that Gunner had been starved for several weeks.

Since then, he’s gained more than 20 pounds and is even on track for adoption.  Another dog, Rhino, who was living at the home, died of starvation.  Nicole Bawol, Humane Society Executive Director, says, “I don’t know why people do some of the things that they do but what I do know is that our cruelty officers take this very seriously and our whole organization does and so we are seeking justice for poor Rhino and for Gunner because there should be lessons from this.”

The owner, Robert Heath, will be in court tomorrow facing animal cruelty and neglect charges. 

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