Man suing Erie Police officer for excessive force speaks out

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A man who is suing an Erie Police officer for excessive force is speaking out.

34-year old Anthony Dabrowski claims that when he was walking home on the night of July 8, 2018, on East 16th Street, he called police because he believed he found a car that he believed was stolen from his friend.

Dabrowski said once officers arrived on scene, they questioned and one reportedly punched him in the face. That’s when Dabrowski says he began to walk away and turned and yelled towards the officers that he would never call police again.

He says the next he remembers is when they arrested him.

“They drug me underneath the tree. I counted six officers punching me. Two on my head, two on my sides, two on my legs gripping my ankles and everything. After several minutes of this, I was peeled onto my left side and another officer came in and kicked me three times in my ribs and I immediately began screaming.” Dabrowski said.

He explained that this lawsuit is against Erie Police officer patrolman Joshua Allison.

The city solicitor explaining that the city is aware that a complaint was filed and has not been served with the complaint. As soon as it is served, the city will review it and respond accordingly.

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