A man who allegedly opened fire inside a public restaurant is still awaiting trial while those who knew the victim continue to grieve on the anniversary of his death.

Here is a look back at what happened and how people are remembering this case.

One year ago today, tragedy happened inside the fast food restaurant at the Edinboro exit of I-79.

The one year anniversary gives many a reason to remember the life that was lost during the incident.

22-year-old Alexander Cavanah was murdered during his shift at the Edinboro Wendy’s on January 25th, 2020.

Those who knew Cavanah said that his personality is one that you could never forget.

“It only took a short while just to fall in love with the person that he was and his character. He was one that you could rely on to show up,” said Samantha Vannoy, Pastor of Hillcrest Church of Nazarene.

Pennsylvania State Police accuse now 21-year-old Markese Lampley of killing Cavanah during an attempted armed robbery.

Investigators said that the reason Lampley was brought into custody so quickly was because of the community’s help.

“As soon as we put information out to the media that we wanted released, we received numerous tips from the public that ultimately really helped clearing this case,” said Sgt. Matthew Bly of the Pennsylvania State Police.

An order was issued in September to move Lampley’s trial date to March. His attorney Bruce Sandmeyer filed for a continuance citing the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason.

Cavanah was preparing to enter the ministry before his death.

Those who were close to him feel the best thing they could do while his alleged killer awaits his day in court is pray.

“First and foremost we pray for his salvation. Why he did this, I can’t tell you, but I know that within him is brokenness and that is within every single one of us,” said Vannoy.

While many continue to grieve they are reminded of the person that was lost.

“I just kind of put my head down to pray and said Lord I don’t want to be frustrated, please help me find peace and when I looked up again taped to the cupboard in the room where I was having blood drawn was a small piece of paper named the life of Alex Cavanah,” said Vannoy.

Lampley’s trial is scheduled to begin on March 8th.