The Manufacturer and Business Association hosted the 6th Annual Manufacturing Day at the Bayfront Convention Center, giving students from around the region a first-hand look into the industry.

More than 2,000 students attended the event at the convention center to learn about the world of manufacturing. Inside, students learned about the career options that exist within the industry.

This is something Susan Peebles, an Iroquois High School teacher, says its great to expose students to a field.

“This is one of the greatest events, because it shows kids that they don’t need a four year college degree to have the knowledge and make a living in something sustainable,” said Peebles.

Peebles says it highlights different jobs available.

“It enables them to see at an early age, ‘hey, I can do something like that,’ rather than kind of being pushed into a certain track like that,” said Peebles.

Among many of the activities here at the convention, many students visited the Penn State Behrend table to use a 3D doodler, which brings 3D printing into a handheld device. Many students drew their names.

There was no shortage of hands on exhibits, with more than 60 vendors on hand to give students a peek into the industry.

Aaron Brown, a senior at Saegertown High School, says it’s helpful to have industry professionals to talk with.

“It’s helpful to see local people in the area. There are a lot of jobs here to look at,” said Brown.

That is why CEO John Krahe says it’s important to host this event.

“While there certainly are some manufacturing jobs that have gone overseas, a lot of the higher tech manufacturing continues to be here in the states and is growing,” said Krahe.