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It’s a free summer festival that showcases local food, art, drinks, culture, and more. Celebrate Erie kicked off it’s festivities downtown.

Something new this year is the family district. It will have hands on activities that will engage both kids and adults through wellness, learning, and arts.

Also new is the business district. A block dedicated to Erie’s home grown shops, businesses, and start-ups showcasing products from our region.

Then of course there’s the art, culture, and food districts.

Organizers are encouraging attendees to eat at the local restaurants in the area. The food passport program is new to the festival this year. The goal is to have fun at Celebrate Erie, while supporting local restaurants.

There are six restaurants involved in the program. Molly Brannigan’s, Alkeme, Ember + Forge, Andora’s Bubble Tea Shop, Voodoo Brewery, and El Amigo Mexican Grill.

If you’re getting ready to head down to Celebrate Erie, you may want to make sure you have full charge on your phone battery.

If you’re looking to download the app that is similar to Pokemon Go, you can head down to a tent located on State Street outside the family district in Perry Square. From there you can download the app, which will take you to catch eight different icons, which are dispersed throughout each of the districts.

Now, some places will have more icons than others, but the focus is to bring people to different parts of the event in a fun and interactive way. Organizers said not to be afraid to give full effort when it comes to collecting the icons.

“Don’t be afraid to go all in. You may or may not have to get wet near the fountain to find some of the clues that we’ve hidden, but enjoy it and have a good time. Ask questions if you need help finding a couple of the others,” said Lesley Ridge Allen, Co-Director for Family District, Celebrate Erie.

A notification will be sent to the organizers once you’ve completed the scavenger hunt. Once the results are in, a winner will be picked each day from the game. That winner will receive an Erie Sports Package.

Free shuttle service will be provided by EMTA for the festivities. The three day festival is now underway until Sunday.

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