Many game processors see a hit due to Chronic Wasting Disease

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Many area deer processing businesses are seeing a change, thanks to a new regulation put in effect by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Chronic Wasting Disease is costing deer processors a lot of money, especially those processors near a state line with Pennsylvania.  

The business is steady at McDonald’s Meat Processing in Girard. Several deer are being processed at the facility, but on everyone’s mind is the issue of Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD.  The disease causes microscopic holes in brain tissue, giving it a sponge-like appearance.  It’s a fatal disease that can wipe out an entire deer heard.  And, for deer processors near state lines, this is not good for business. 
“The guys that hunt in Ohio, New York, with a Pennsylvania license, would like to go to their processer in Pennsylvania but can’t do that now.”

The new rules dictate that you cannot bring a deer harvested out of state back to Pennsylvania unless the rules are followed specifically.  That’s a money looser for area processors. 

Manager of McDonald’s Meat Packing, Percy McDonald, says, “…money-wise, it will be $37,000 I won’t be receiving this year… It affected my business pretty substantially, seeing how I can’t receive any deer from state lines. New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland. I can’t take no deer from these areas and last year, they brought in 390 deer from out of state.”

Click here to see the Game Commission’s new guidelines…

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