Many homeowners assess damage after record-breaking snow melts

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A slight break in the winter weather giving homeowners a chance to assess the damage.  Collapsed roofs and decks, downed trees, and damaged gutters are just some of the issues homeowners are dealing with.

Of course, many people, like Melanie Becker, are now working to resolve problems inside their homes.  Becker lives in a home in southwest Erie with her husband, four kids, and a new puppy.  They’re dealing with severe water damage.  Their living room ceiling, the walls of two bathrooms, and two bedrooms are filled with water and collapsing.

She tells us, “We moved the couches and beds and everything just to keep the damage at a minimum and put buckets everywhere and opened drywall just to keep mold from growing.”

Becker says they have heating cables in their gutters, but that still didn’t manage to melt all of the ice.

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