Many riders now see Roar on the Shore as a tradition

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It’s been more than a decade since Roar on the Shore began in Erie and for some people, they look forward to the festival all year.

Over these last 11 years, Roar on the Shore has grown substantially.  The Executive Director says every year, they have to move the stage further and further back to accommodate crowds, and with those growing numbers comes more people making the festival a part of their summer to-do list. 

From 10,000 people back in 2007 to 175,000 people this time around, groups like the Chrome Angels have seen it all.  They’re an all-women biker group based in Erie.  The president says they never imagined the rally would grow to be what it is today. 

Theresa Malmgren who attends ROTS every year says, “They’ve probably tripled in the amount of people that are here and also it’s great to see a lot of women that are riding their bikes now. It’s very empowering to ride your own bike.” 

But, she’s not the only one who’s seen the transition.  The owner of a bike shop in Dallas, Rick Fairless, started coming to Roar four years ago, and he says now he can’t imagine a summer without it. “It’s just a great rally and I’ve been to thousands of rallies but there’s something special about this one. The whole town’s behind it and it’s a fun deal.”

Ohio residents Jackie and Sean Lipset tell us they’ve developed that same love for the event.  “Our kids wanna come. We have little boys and they wanna come one day too so we’re just videotaping the motorcycles so we can show them when we get home.” 

But, it’s not just the festival that keeps them coming back.  Some bikers say getting to know Erie, itself, is part of the experience. “The beach is close so you don’t have to stay up here all day. You can wander around. There’s a lot of things. I love the frogs. I take pictures with the frogs every year.” 

Some of the largest crowds are expected to be getting in tonight.  Throughout the weekend, we’ll keep you up-to-date on all things Roar on the Shore on Jet 24.  

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