‘March 4 Trump’ shows support for president

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ERIE, Pa. — Supporters of President Trump, many of whom helped to turn Erie County red in November 2016, gathered in Perry Square for the March 4 Trump.

Several protesters circled the square with signs opposing President Trump as speakers voiced their support of the president.

Members of the crowd also voiced their approval.

“Show support for our president and that’s what we as Americans are all about,” said Felix Lohiti of Erie.

Paul Hakel, of Millcreek Township, said, “I’m excited about the energy. I’d like to see people ‘make America great again’ for all Americans.”

Organizers wanted to counter anti-President Trump protests and what they deem as negative press.

“That’s what we’re hoping to show here today–that we’re all united with our president, and we’re all going to stand up and have our voices heard one more time across this nation–that we support Donald Trump as our president,” said Linda Pezzino, an organizer of the rally and the local coordinator for Women for Trump during the campaign.

Just hours before the rally began, President Trump tweeted claims that former President Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower in New York prior to the election.

Pezzino believes the allegations are true.

“I’m sure that President Trump gets intel information and has seen the proof. That’s Watergate to me,” she added.

She says the latest headline is another distraction that she wants to go away.

“Once these stories play out, I just hope the media will come on board, eventually, and report good things that he’s doing.”

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