Local bank executives are warning of a new scam that several people have fallen victim to recently.

This is a two-staged scam that criminals are using to steal from the bank accounts of unsuspecting customers. This week, several local customers fell victim to these scammers.

Lisa Lopez with Marquette Savings Bank says a scammer will call you and say that “Unauthorized purchases have been made on your credit card.”

“The scariest part about this is that this is true. We suspect they have stolen cards or purchased cards off the dark web and they are making transactions.” Lopez said.

Now, they are trying to get more information from you, saying the only way to get your money back is by following specific directions, posing as a fake representative from the online personal payment application “Zelle”, they send you a fake link.

“You enter all your information in there and while you are doing that, they are stealing that information, then they take that information and they take that and go to a legitimate Zelle they have created for themselves and the second stage is they go in and withdraw money from your account.” Lopez said.

Cyber security experts say if anyone asks you for your personal information, that should be an immediate red flag.

Christopher Mansour with the Mercyhurst Cyber Security Department says they have something in the cyber security field called “zero trust.”

“If you got a call like that, ask that you can call the bank, ask that person to verify themselves and to provide more information about verifying their identity.” Mansour said.

For more information on the scam and how to keep yourself safe, you can click here.