Massive, tragic fire in London

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Officials in London are now sayin the sight of a deadly fire in London on Wednesday is a recovery operation, no longer a search and rescue mission.

A deadly overnight inferno raced through the 24 story apartment tower night before last.  Officials say at least 12 people are dead and more than 70 people injured.  Witnesses reported seeing trapped residents throwing babies and small children from windows to waiting people on the sidewalk below, desperately trying to save their families from the fast-moving fire.

According to residents, fire alarms did not sound in any of the hallways or stirs, giving no warning to the sleeping victims.  One witness said, “We saw people looking out the windows screaming,  ‘Help!’, screaming, ‘Help! Help! Help!’  Flashing their lights and everything, now all those windows… people are gone. “
Another witness said, “I saw one person trying to jump out, one actually jumped out, and… obviously what happened, it’s just  a nightmare.”
Residents also said local authorities were notified about issues with the fire system.  London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, now saying there is concern for the safety of the remaining tower blocks around the city.
More than 36 hours later, many are still missing or unaccounted for.  Dozens remain in the hospital and the death toll is expected to rise.  Much of the building remains unsafe for investigators or firefighters to enter.  That fire spread within 30 minutes, from the 4th up to the 24th story.

One local said, “we are angry…  This could have been prevented, lives didn’t need to be lost and they are lost.  People are looking for their children and it’s so unfair.”

The buliding is still smoking today as firefighters still work to put out the flames.  Until then, investigators will be unable to get inside and determine the real scope of this tragedy.

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