Mattresses still left behind after warehouse fire last April

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A fire destroyed a warehouse last April, and a year later, neighbors are still paying the price.
City of Erie Code Enforcement says the property owner and leasee are responsible for the damages. 
“The inspector has made contact with both the leasee and the owner and requested that it be cleaned up,” Code Enforcement Manager Andy Zimmerman said.
Some people have even started using the piles of mattresses as a dumpster, adding on their own garbage. 
One resident Janelle Black told us, “Somebody dumped a big, flat screen TV down there too. So, I was like you can put on the curb and somebody can take it but you throw it down there.”
The eye sore isn’t the only problem.

The Erie Fire Chief says the piles are a safety hazard.
“The fact that the mattresses are out, there’s always an opportunity for someone to re-ignite them. That’s our concern,” Chief Guy Santone said. 
We’re told the DEP may take legal action if the owners don’t take care of the piles within 60 days.
In the mean time, neighbors can just hope the piles won’t keep getting bigger. 

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