MATV hosts a talent show to empower local kids

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“A ball of energy. He smiled all the time. If you knew him, you knew his smile,” said Jennifer Overton.

She was describing her guardian angel Jaree Warren, the son she lost three years ago.

Overton stands with another community activist, Sonya Arrington. 

Her son was shot and killed eight years ago.

This weekend the community supported families just like these ones, in an unlikely way — a talent show.

Arrington said she’s honoring her son, by empowering other kids. 

“Oh he’s probably sitting up there, looking down smiling because he was an amazing young man and the talent show part of it is because of my son,” said Arrington, the founder of Mothers Against Teen Violence. 

Organizers said events like this one show kids there are options other than getting involved in violence.

“If they’re not involved, they get curious and they get into the wrong areas in life that can take them on different pathways that are negative,” said Overton. 

That’s the power behind Mothers Against Teen Violence.

They’re providing the resources for local kids to reach their full potential.

“Inspiring kids to be the best that they can be and letting them know that there’s other people out here besides your parents and family who care about you and who want you to be a success story,” said Arrington.

The self proclaimed rap-activist Trevon Bibbs said for kids like him, he already sees the impact. 

“I can say this proudly, without Miss Sonya there would be a lot more violence,” said Bibbs. 

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