Mayor enjoys lunch with locals, looks to have them more often

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Erie residents are getting a chance to meet Mayor Joe Schember and his administration over lunch.

The mayor held his first monthly brown bag lunch today with several residents getting a chance to meet members of the administration as well as sharing their ideas and concerns, such as blight and safety.

One guest, Bridget Hammar, says it’s an opportunity to be heard.  “He gave us the phone numbers and the opportunities to open up, and I think he cares.”

Mayor Joe Schember seemed to be more than pleased with the process, as well.  “There were some new ideas. There were some things we heard before, frankly, but they gave us some specifics we didn’t have before. So, it was a great experience, and I’m going to have do this more than once a month, even; because I really do enjoy it.”

Schember says up to a dozen guests will attend the brown bag lunch on the first Thursday of every month.  You can register for the event by calling 814-870-1200.    

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