Mayor Joe Schember reflects on his past two years in office

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Mayor Joe Schember is now halfway through his first term, with two years of both achievements and disappointment.

The Mayor explains that he is proud of the work his team has worked towards and accomplished, however one of the biggest challenges was not being able to complete things as quickly as he thought it could happen.

Mayor Joe Schember was sworn into office exactly two years ago and is reflecting on what he believes is one of his biggest accomplishments.

“The one that I’m proudest of though is the LERTA that we got in place. In about six months it achieved over $25 million in new investments in Erie and the community. I think that’s going to pick up more in 2020,” said Mayor Joe Schember.

Erie residents share mixed emotions when it comes to the work the Mayor has done thus far.

“There’s no real jobs created and he’s dropping the ball on that, there is nothing coming to Erie. We are losing jobs,” said Ron Lichniak, Erie resident.

“I think he’s done a great job. He’s certainly brought a lot more to the city than what was here before. I am not very happy about city council doing what they have done as far as not taking that $90 million from the water works that could’ve taken care of the debt,” said Kathie Massello, Erie resident.

Mayor Joe Schember explained that the deal is something we wants his team, city council, and water works to continue to work together in order to get that deal through.

“We hope to work with them early this year on re-educating the three new members of city council as well, we are going to work hard on that this year. I’m hoping at the latest, by the middle of this year, we are all in agreement to accept that,” said Mayor Schember.

The Mayor explained that along with closing the Erie Water Works deal, a large focus for the second half of his term is achieving his five point vision for the city.

Mayor Schember explained that he and his team will announce 25 measurements they’ve created, which takes a deeper look at the vision, next Thursday.

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