Mayor Joe Schember visits fourth graders at Mother Teresa Academy

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After fourth-grade students wrote letters to Mayor Joe Schember expressing their neighborhood concerns, the mayor not only wrote back, he followed up in person.  

Today, Schember visited with fourth graders at Mother Teresa Academy.  The class wrote or typed letters to the mayor’s office, asking a range of questions from more access to fast food restaurants to snow removal procedures. 

The mayor wrote back to every student and offered to speak to the class.  Jolee Swanson, the teacher of the class, says, “they read their letters to the class and they got so excited to see their name on a letter and it was really nice that he took the time to respond to their questions, they felt heard “.

Jamir Rowan, Fourth Grader, says, “it’s like a big surprise and it’s like something fun this week”. 

The letters are part of the class lesson plan on formal letter writing skills.

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