City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember accompanied seniors to the polls this morning providing a means of transportation for those otherwise unable to access the polling facilities.

Residents who rode the trolley included those mainly in high-rise senior living apartments around Erie.

This Election Day tradition was started by former Erie Mayor Joe Sinnot as a way to help people get out and vote.

Mayor Schember described how much he had and those in attendance valued rides around town.

“It’s very meaningful to me. I can tell you because we’ve been doing this since before I was elected when I was campaigning for my first term in office. This is the sixth year I’ve done this and we always do it in the primary and in the general election. So we do it twice a year and it’s just great to see these people again and again seeing the great job they’re doing voting here,” said Joe Schember, City of Erie Mayor.

The Erie Metropolitan Trolley was up and running from about 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.