The Schember administration and small business owners are hoping Erie City Council approves $20 million in ARP funds. They believe the money will move Erie forward by helping businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But will the plan gets the okay from council?

It’s a big money request that the Schember Administration believes will bring big results. They want Erie City Council to approve $20 million in ARP funds to help small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re trying to get the dollars out to the hardest hit neighborhoods, to the small businesses that were affected the most and then also start to tackle some of the larger projects,” said Chris Groner, Vice President of Capital Finance and Lending for the Redevelopment Authority.

One member of the review board and a small business owner says Mayor Schember continues to revitalize the City of Erie.

“We are all overlooked or we are often misknowing about what funding opportunities are available and he’s been making quite an effort to make sure we’re finding things out,” said Karen Thomas, owner at Pineapple Eddie Southern Bistro.

“We fixed the city’s major financial problems and finances financially. We’re in pretty good shape. So, now we want to bring more people and jobs to Erie. If we do nothing else, we want to lift up minorities to a level they’ve never seen before.” said Mayor Joe Schember.

Erie City Council President Ed Brzezinski wants to know what’s in the budget and if those living with a fixed income will benefit from the funds.

“Bottom line is we have to do what’s good for all of the people in the city, the disadvantaged and the people right on that cost line, the one that live lines on Social Security check or what every month people are concerned about,” said Ed Brzezinski, President of Erie City Council.

City Council members are expected to vote on Mayor Schember’s proposal on November 17th.

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