Mayor Joe Schember is discussing what goals he has for his administration this year.

We went over to City Hall for a look at what the mayor had to say.

Mayor Schember said that his vision to transform the city can all be measured by 26 key performance indicators.

Most of this plan the mayor and his team will strive to have completed by the end of 2021.

Mayor Schember will soon deliver his State of the City speech. This speech lays out 26 goals for the current administration.

“They’re very measurable, very specific. I think up to this point we’ve achieved about four of them, but we are certainly hoping to knock off a lot of them this year because a lot of them, at least 21 of the 26 are due at the end of this year,” said Mayor Joe Schember, (D) City of Erie.

The key performance indicators are divided up into five categories.

Those categories include rich, cultural diversity, welcoming & vibrant neighborhoods, creating a world class downtown and bayfront, excellent education for everyone, and abundance of family sustaining jobs.

For some residents they would like to see some of the history stay alive while looking to incorporate the new.

“Say something of the old that’s been here. They tear it down and put something new there. I guess we have to readjust, but they are tearing too much down,” said Corzel Blackman, Erie Resident.

Although there were plenty of obstacles in 2020, the mayor said there are some things they’ve incorporated that he wants to carry on.

“The thing I am amazed at is how much we accomplished and how much we did. A lot of that is thanks to COVID-19. I think we’ve become much more efficient. For instance the use of virtual meetings really let us do more in the day. So virtual meetings are something I want to continue even after COVID-19 is over,” said Mayor Schember.

The mayor said that other accomplishments made in the last year include the formation of the city’s first ever planning department. The city also acquired 30 grants for more than five million dollars.

For a look at the key performance indicators, click here.