Mazza employees find chilly temp’s perfect for picking grapes for ice wine

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While most of us dread temperatures in the single digits, Mazza Wine celebrates the cold snap as the perfect weather for grape-picking for their ice wine.  

About a dozen volunteers were bundled up with hats, gloves, and jackets to pick grapes to make ice wine.  This is the winery’s second time harvesting the grapes this year. 

For ice wine grape harvesting, it has to be below 17 degrees to pick.  As you can imagine, the grapes are frozen right now.  Winemakers tell us that they will press the frozen grapes.  When they’re frozen, you get a sweeter concentration of grapes. 

In years past, pickers would start at six or seven in the morning, but with the temperature staying in the low teens, they could come out later. 

Mazza General Manager, Mario Mazza, says that they expect to pick between 4-5 tons worth of ice wine.  Mazza also added that out of one ton of grapes, you might get 77 gallons of grape juice; one gallon of grape juice will make about ten bottles of wine.

Mazza says, “this is actually our thirty-fourth year now. Going back to the early 80s, we were one of the first wineries in the east, first one in PA to do this. It has been an ongoing tradition to do. There has only been a few years the weather hasn’t cooperated.”

One crate full of grapes will create about one bottle of wine.

See below for our live shot from the winery this morning:

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