McBride Viaduct officially closed for all uses

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PennDOT declares that the McBride Viaduct is closed for all uses.  Up until this morning, pedestrians had still been using the bridge after it was closed to vehicles in 2010. 

A PennDOT spokesperson says the decision comes ahead of work to remove the bridge.  Pedestrians are being advised to use the route along the Bayfront Connector, but some viaduct advocates say students should have assistance navigating the new route and the intersection at East 12th and the Bayfront Connector. 

Adam Trott, President of Erie CPR (Community + Respect), says, “You can’t just parachute down a completely new way to deal with an intersection that no one is familiar with and expect them to figure it out as they go.”

This month, a protective barrier is being installed along the Bayfront Connector to shield pedestrians from rocks and other debris. 

The demolition of the McBride Viaduct is slated to begin November 27th.

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