McClellan Street in Cambridge Springs faces repair delays, PennDOT explains…

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It’s been two months since PennDOT closed McClellan Street in Cambridge Springs. 

A crack in the road is about a city block long, but it’s continuing to grow.  A woman who lives on the street tells us that PennDOT just came by a few days ago and moved orange signage up about 20 feet to accommodate the growing crack.

Earlier this spring, there was movement in the ground underneath the street causing major damage; a large, gaping crack right down the center of the road.  For safety reasons, PennDOT was forced to close it off to traffic. 

The Leitners live on the corner of McClellan Street and Route 99 in Cambridge Springs; exactly where PennDOT posted the detour on May 18th. 

Matt Leitner tells us, “My daughter rides at a farm out that way and my wife has to drive way up and around to get there”.  The detour adding 30 minutes to their trip to take their daughter to horseback riding lessons.  

It started as just a small crack in the road, but as you can see, it’s gradually become much larger, now gaping open more than two feet.  A PennDOT spokesperson says repairing this road is complicated.  They’re trying to monitor the situation and determine if the ground is still moving and if so, at what rate.

Jill Harry, Press Officer for PennDOT NW District, says, “Once we get a handle on what that is and what may be causing that movement, then we’ll be able to come up with a plan to how we can repair that roadway and get it reopened.”  Harry adding that the repairs will undoubtedly be extensive.  

PennDOT will need to shore up the ground beneath the road before doing anything.  As of now, the best thing for residents to do is to avoid using the street and wait. 

The residents of the homes on the street most affected by this road closure tell us they actually don’t mind it all that much because it does bring them some peace and quiet from the traffic. 

We’ll continue to update you as PennDOT provides us with more information.

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