McDonald’s restaurants across Northwestern PA have partnered with a national author Duncan Kirkwood to offer free Youth Resilience Training.

Author Duncan Kirkwood says his book Rerouting: Resilience Tools and Tactics is about being resilient and finding the purpose of life.

Kirkwood is a speaker, trainer and U.S. Military Veteran. He considers himself a global resilient advocate to help the youth find passion, perseverance and purpose.

Kirkwood says the main focus of the training is to have the youth overcome setbacks and finding their purpose.

“The power of listening and speaking your truth. There’s a lot more that goes into being resilient, but we’re starting here and we’re hoping that the kids really response and the schools all participate  and then they’ll want more,” said Duncan Kirkwood, author, “Rerouting: Resilience Tools and Tactics.”

Kirkwood says he hopes the youth can learn and understand the power of speaking their truth.