McDowell Intermediate workers get NaviGate school safety training

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It’s a training that aims to save the lives of students and teachers if a crisis takes place. 

The United States averaged at least one deadly mass shooting a month in 2018.  McDowell Intermediate High School wants to make sure that their buildings continue to serve as a safe haven.

Millcreek Police Officer Nate Spiker tells us, “awareness and education bring empowerment to the community.”

It’s the times we live in that make us want to be more careful. The safety training held at McDowell Intermediate High School wants to help minimize the tragic incidents that have happened across our country.

Marty Kaverman, Principal of West Lake Middle School, says, “I think we’ve had some really good information. We’ve got somethings in place that we are gonna roll out to the teachers and the kids in the near future and getting those things going will make our response even better.”

McDowell Intermediate High School has shown their commitment to safety throughout the year, which included their own personal police force and now, this security training.

Training included distracting a shooter and getting them off balance so they wouldn’t be able to harm anyone.

After seeing such horrific stories on the news, students have expressed their worry to teachers, which leaves staff wondering what they need to do if the worst case scenario occurs.

Courtney Bliley, Special Education Teacher for Millcreek School District, says, “a lot of my students do have concerns about what if this was to happen. So, I think it’s great that we are being instructed because than I could tell my students you know what this is what we would do.”

The day began with the ‘NaviGate Prepared Training,’ which helps with emergency preparedness. 

The goal is to promote safety for k-12 schools.

This training is their way of being pro-active before anything happens to the school district.

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