McDowell Swim Coach temporarily removed from job

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Dave Schultz McDowell High School’s swim coach has been temporarily removed after a vote was taken Monday night by the school board because of impropriety allegations. Darcie Moseley assistant Superintendent at the District said she is aware of the concern. “We are reviewing allegations relative to the concern that was brought forward,” she said.

It was an adult who alerted the school district. Schultz has worked at the school for 30 plus years. The swim team’s assistant coach will take over the program for the time being. Bruce Kerr’s grandson is a 9th grader and reacted to this controversy. “I think it’s not a good thing for him to be doing that online,” said Kerr.

The School held a meeting Tuesday night with parents to offer them support and information. We reached out to Schultz but didn’t get a response.

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