McKean Man Becomes 21st Man to Swim Across Lake Erie

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A remarkable moment at Freeport Beach this evening…. a McKean man becomes the latest to swim across Lake Erie.

Stepping out of the water was just one of his goals.

With every stroke and every kick, the cheers from a crowd of family and friends grew louder. 38 year old Rob Cooney becomes the 21st person to swim across Lake Erie… finishing in 13 hours, 32 minutes.

Just minutes before Rob stepped onto the beach, there was another big arrival. His father, Dave, ashore after being on a boat next to Rob.  Dave Cooney was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2007.  Rob was swimming to raise money for Parkinson’s Partners of Northwest Pennsylvania.

It was a beach full of family friends and North East community members waiting for Rob to conquer the lake… and there were no bigger cheerleaders than his wife and three kids, perched at the water edge for a big welcome home.

Cooney swam more than 700 miles over nine months to train for his lake swim.. When asked if he would do it again, he said no.

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