A Meadville woman is exhausting all available resources with hopes of finding her mother who went missing 41 years ago.

Alison Duiker is going the extra mile and then some to find her mother Lonene Ray Rogers after she disappeared. Rogers was a mother of two before she disappeared on January 7, 1981.

Duiker, Lonene Roger’s daughter, recalls her mother making plans to leave her father after constant arguing and his recurring legal troubles.

“The couple below said they heard arguing late or early in the morning; however, you want to look at that and the very next morning, my father woke us up and said she left us,” said Alison Duiker, daughter of Lonene Ray Rogers.

Duiker says her mother has not been seen or heard from since then.

“Her social security number has never been used. She’s never tried to get a job, she’s never tried to get healthcare, nothing. She vanished 41 years ago that night,” added Duiker.

Duiker says the recent solving of the Helen Vogt case gives her hope that one day her mother’s case will have a similar outcome.

“I get chills just talking about it because on the justice page, there are people from all over the country and other countries on that page, and people will post more and more and more unsolved cases that are decades old. It absolutely gives me hope that one day my mother’s case will be one of them,” Duiker added.

Friday, her search efforts continued with help from over 4,000 people on her Facebook page “Justice for Lonene” with people offering excavators, metal detectors and cadaver dogs.

“This overwhelming show of support, the thousands of people who are supporting and loving and encouraging, absolutely blows me away. I totally feel like my mom has a hand in all of that to show me that she’s got me,” said Duiker.

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Duiker said she is appreciative of all the people she knows and doesn’t know. That encourages her to keep looking for her mother and to not give up the fight.