Meadville native & son competing in FOX’s Lego Masters

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A Meadville native and his son continue their quest to be masters of the Lego universe.      

Fontaine Glenn spoke with him this morning to learn more about the competition.

Tim Croll describes himself as a business growth strategist by day, and Lego master contestant by night.

He says doing this show was more than possibly winning prize money or a title, but rather to spend time with his son.

Tim Croll calls Meadville home. Since being on Fox’s Lego Masters, he says it’s a honor to represent the community he grew up in.

“What I love is the diversity, and I love the fact that when somebody from a small town steps into the limelight or steps in the spotlight, it’s not just that we are the ones in the spotlight, it’s the fact that we get to represent a lot of people that may never have the chance,” said Tim Croll, Lego Masters contestant.

This opportunity is giving Tim quality time with his son Zach.

“The reason why I was on there was to spend time with Zach. Yes it’s competition, yes we want to win, yes we’re gonna play full out. But at the end of the day, my why is my family,” said Croll.

Brick by brick, Tim and his son build their own creations or mock creations to be judged each episode.

During their time on Lego Masters — Tim and Zach work against the clock building towards the grand prize of $100,000.

“I think that title means more to us than the money aspect of it. So our goal getting into it is obviously there’s $100,000 — which definitely has an impact on your life, and just think of all the things that you want to do with the $100,000 — but that’s kind of like the icing on the cake,” said Croll.

Tim uses Legos in his every day job as a business growth strategist, teaching businesses about leadership and providing a good foundation to have success.

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